Sunday, March 8, 2009


The sun seared skin even at its impending setting
We watched as a golden pagoda appeared in the west
and then metamorphosed lavender pink also melon
Two poets on a Pacific beach stared at the magic
trick of an appearing and disappearing configuration

North Avenue Beach on Lake Michigan
The sun glowed and tattooed burn marks on skin
I embodied but a teen listening to easy rock and wishing
for a bikini figure clear skin and a more flirtatious demeanor
The years ran like antelope outmaneuvering a lion

My daughter strongly stated she would never leave
She would stay home forever
Next week she leaves for Newport Beach
The waves call her name The sand caresses her skin
Dinner once a month would be nice by the beach

Today I stand on the beach of my imagination
Residing in a blanched villa on some ancient shore
I speak in alliteration and near rhyme
in loud metaphors and simple similes
I am confused as I hear whales or sirens sing

Beaches rise and fall much like the dreams of empires

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