Sunday, December 18, 2011


Dec. 2, 2011

The nameless woman, who pepper sprayed Black Friday Walmart shoppers, drowned in her dirty bath tub while playing Angry Birds.

California CEO of Bank of America, Simon Snars, retired last Friday with a million dollar bonus. Snars died suddenly, yesterday, of undetermined causes. An autopsy is pending.

Last week's millionaire secret Super Ball Winner, crashed his 2012 Lexus while reaching for a $2,000 bottle of champagne. He is recovering at a secret location.

1,600 trees died today in Pasadena. The crashes were like l,600 earthquakes.

6 billion red bees fell from the smoggy sky over Los Angeles City Hall. Federal investigation is in progress.

6 million Homeless Children levitated to the Kardashian Empire Headquarters. Details at ll.

I know you have many choices for Newz.
Thank you for choosing ME.

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