Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lalo Kikiriki

O city birds! (a toast)

yesterday I saw a woodpecker
stick his bill into
a perforated metal
what was he expecting
to extract? (I wonder)

hummingbirds are fooled
by glassy chambers of
scarlet sugar water
and yellow plastic blossoms
thinking they're
contemplating nectar (I suppose)

the mockingbird on my chimney
deludes himself
imagining he's working
the graveyard shift at KJAZZ
up all night
improvising (I can dig it!)
and English sparrows
those sly emigres
have learned to invade any eaves
with ease
feasting on crumbs of scones
and madeleines
under the tables at Starbuck's

pink finches at feeders
phoebes zigging
after termites in the lower air
hawks and crows at war
up in the cedars
seagulls bobbing
upon the reservoir –
here's to you all!
all you city birds!
nesting rent-free
in Paradise

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