Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mina Kirby
Peace on Earth
In front of bright colored lights
of the Christmas tree
and ignoring Joy to the World
playing on the radio
my children
squabble over a coveted toy
They play tug of war
yanking and jerking
shouting mean words
at each other
each twisting to make the other
let go
I watch from the kitchen
wondering when to intervene
Finally they come to blows
my son reaching out
and slapping his sister
while still holding on to the toy
She lets go
and begins to cry
giving up the fight
leaving him the perfect chance
to grab the wonderful plaything
and run
I start toward them
But he
sets the toy on the floor
and gathers up his sister in his arms
soothing her hair
crooning loving words
It is at this moment
hearing the Christmas carols
watching my beloved children
I think that maybe
there just might be hope
for peace on earth

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