Monday, March 30, 2015

Lake of the Angels

Sunday morning
Exit Westlake/MacArthur Park Metro station
On corner of Wilshire and Alvarado, street preacher in staccato Spanish 
bullhorns concrete congregation to BEHOLD 
the lamb of God who takes away EL PECADO DEL MUNDO
Who died in your place to save you from the eternal flames 
of inferno once you accept JESUS CHRISTOS as your personal
lord and savior

At Intersection— 
Autos reving particles of carbon dioxide behind and upto skies
pass by
pedestrians walking between 99¢ Store and sidewalk vendors 
to gospel pitch

Enter park
Homeless guy on grass snores under classified section of LA Times 
displaying colored photos of shining new car models for sale
Upon MacArthur Lake in white sun glare, rest 
hundreds of seagulls poised like foreboding flock 
of Hitchcock birds

Near center 
underwater fountain sprays jets upward as in prayer for 
a thirsty California 

At northern edge 
marine green waters lap against cement bank while bright-eyed 
niƱo in fading Laker tee tosses tortilla bits to gray gosling 
web-peddling before mama

On grassy knoll
on western end, revolutionary Marxist group begins setting up tables for 
free food distribution

Walk across Parkview 
to UCLA Downtown Labor Center for study session, 
"Converging Storms 2014: The Crisis of Energy, 
Capitalism and Environment"

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