Wednesday, December 16, 2015

One Morning in Mei

I wake with woodcutting on my mind
Bury my adze with delight
But morning comes too soon
And I retire to such time
When I can call out, Timber!
Warm in the morning light

Time grows thin, hatchet in hand,
I seek the woods by Jungle Thi
Where Tygress purrs and her fur aligns
Pounces the path and wood alights
Scratching post territory defines
Spray and spray such scent,
Maul the bone, lick feline accent:

"Me came many a weary way
Wandering wilderness where to allay
Gnawing of trembling tum'
My bloat the rumble of bubbling gum
Here I'll mine soft ivory, the licking kind
Its fine marrow warm pearly white
So wending through the forest maze
Until on woodcutter I set my gaze"

Soon goes before some wild cat
How my morning turns a harrowing tale
Two span between her padded track
And I'm still here the morrow to sail

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