Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Radomir Luza


hell it flies like an eagle on speed it never pauses does not say hello cannot stop to yap
my town my city my pink saint my black dove my yellow concubine my purple priest and red dinosaur

but the quicksand here in l.a. has me flying circles around scattered twilights and called bluffs

it has me brainwashed like an injured steeple like a yellow beelzebub

i do not want to be here but things are going well i am beginning to distrust fear and lean on courage in a way i never have in a way that pays more dividends than barack obama's smile and john mccain's trembling hands

the furniture of my life lifts the indigo rainbows and silly elevators of love in these dangerous hills but i don't want it anymore i need soho tribeca greenwich village noho chelsea and the upper east side like a body needs a heart and a ghost needs a soul

fly you new york fly like a rose with teeth

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