Sunday, September 19, 2010


Six to ten thousand years ago began your earth
From wiles of witches and speaking serpents you gave alert
Shellfish eating sodomites guilty of double abomination
Creator created in your image over all creation did give you domination
For your professional piety you were promoted to priest in first theocracy
We the prehistoric people were robbed of our communal democracy

In Athens you lost your subjects but not your slaves by democracy
Ptolemy told how sun and stars revolved around your earth
During time Christ crucified, you were a pharisee in a colony theocracy
For his taxing the greedy to help the needy you sounded alert*
You prayed for an imperialistic messiah who would give you worldwide domination
and rid the planet of everything you considered to be an abomination

You now loved lobster but homosexuality continued to be an abomination
You denounced debauchery of sex deviants in decadent Greek democracy
In Medieval Europe you were given continental domination
You fared sumptuously** from work of serfs who reaped from your earth
Against heliocentric heresy of godless Galileo you trumpeted alert
No light allowed in your Dark Ages theocracy

The Reformation gave birth to a Protestant theocracy
In Calvin’s Geneva the unitarian view of Jesus was an abomination .
Against flames of hell for unbelievers you did give alert
but not against those who stole our commons under “enlightened” English democracy
Missionaries and merchants you sent forth to colonize the earth
You raged against papal, Muslim and secular humanist domination

But preached from Salem pulpits the glory of Puritan domination
Plantations replaced feudal estates in your Southern theocracy
You fared sumptuously** from labor of slaves who reaped from your earth
Stealing territory from the original inhabitants of the land was no abomination
There was a reign of Klan terror in your Jim Crow democracy
Against taxing the greedy to aid needy you broadcast alert

But bourgeois attempts to steal social security you sound no alert
You have sold your soul for Mammon’s globalized domination
Evolution and global warming is a hoax in your home school theocracy
Labor and gay unions ruled out of your Bible Belt democracy
Non-profit, universal healthcare is to you an abomination
but not wealth accumulated by contaminating sky, water and earth

You strive to replace our democracy with your theocracy
We must alert our country to the calamity of your domination
Telescopes still abomination--Further right you swim to edge of flat earth

*Mark 10:17-22, Matthew 19:16-22, Luke 18:18-23 **Luke 16:19

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