Sunday, September 4, 2011

Michelle Angelini

Laser Lit Karmic Dancing

Let a dancing song be heard
Play the music, say the words
~let it be a dance by Ric Masten

Dying daily, pondering undue concern
unbalanced existence stares into the face

Knowledge infuses the mind
nothing can keep a life down

Focus on abundance; know the source
from without, from within

Undisclosed sounds, laser lights colors playing
pliable whispers that float around unlistening ears

It is difficult, not impossible,
but comes from without, above, within

Despair pushes through weakness
limitation through dejection

Moving from sadness
where control rests in one hand or the other

Nature’s a dance – karma personified
floating free from one universe to the next

After rainstorms life’s a dance
sparkling through unfettered limits

Happiness is a dance
keep the rhythm; learn the steps

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