Sunday, December 18, 2011



I came across crows on the jungle gym,
a gaggle of sea gulls on the swings,
magpies making castles in the sand,
parrots poking their heads over the chin-up bar,
Canadian geese playing a mean game of dodge ball,
and nervous mynah birds looking for a free lunch.

I remember recess being my best subject.
The crows were always really good at math.
I made sure to sit next to them during tests.
The sea gulls couldn't care less about any of that jazz.
They all taught me how to give the teacher the bird whenever
he turned to scribble something on the chalkboard.

I moved away before I got the hang of long division.
The crows promised to write but never did.
The sea gulls did a fly over in memory of past mischief.
At my new school pigeons had control of the sandbox.
I took up the saxophone for extra credit.
Before long I was making a name for myself with all the birds.

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