Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lori Wall-Holloway

Cyberspace Junk

Another chain e-mail
slows down my line.
Do I read?
Do I forward?
Do I even waste my time?

One promises fortune
if I forward to my friends.
Another predicts calamity
if I choose not to send.

One superstitious E-mail
creates fear through the air.
Then I open up a G-Mail
and find a request for prayer.

Other mail in my Inbox
may be full of spam.
So I need to be sure
it does not touch my RAM.

I don’t want to get ensnared
or caught up in some lies.
So, Click – Delete
in the trash you go.
I’m no longer preoccupied.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, how we all can relate, you did a great job at something that is a nagging pest to everyone on line. "Delete" oh what a joy, the inventors of that button, brilliant. Why does the internet that is supposed to make our lives so much quicker, seem to suck our time dry.