Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lori Wall-Holloway
The Invader Returns

My home is nice despite a kid who comes
at times who bothered me as a kitten.
But I have no concerns because she fixates
on a computer whatsit or small phone
that sends a text thing and I am ignored.

Life is good
until the day a bad
dream becomes reality -

Meow! What do I do?

He is back! The Invader has returned!
He can almost touch the top of my cat
tree. He runs faster than I remember.
I play dead under a table and pray
something will divert him far away -

Horrors of horrors!
A little face with blond
curly hair comes!

Yeow! Don’t touch my tail!

She crawls after me here. She hunts me there.
Her little fingers poke instead of pet
and she disappears only to come back.
There is no way to evade her and hide
since bedroom doors are either shut or blocked!

Cornered, I caterwaul
with hopes my owner allows
me to escape
Help! Finally, I take cover

Out of sight
from Invader’s cohort they call
his little sister

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