Saturday, September 7, 2013

Thelma T. Reyna
your sweet face fooled us all, lulled us into
thinking a heart of milk and honey could stave
off monsters
your soft arms folded us in laughter, tricked
us into thinking your songs and crazy dancing
could castrate demons
your dreams consumed us— your films, poems,
music, art, scripts transporting us to
worlds you grew
but you buried truth in pillows, in journals 
shut to daylight, in night clubs cramped with
sweat, malt liquors, smoke, and coke
you buried your soul in keyboards clacking
beyond sleep, churning your brain into
believing fame followed close
vanessa of visions huge, transcending blue-eyed
men who blocked, who slammed doors shut, who
could not see the world you were
vanessa of gentle eyes that wearied of the tug,
the pull, the pressing down, the clouds that hung
like lead around your soul
dreams die hard, you said the day before, but
we were lulled and tricked and blind and deaf and
never saw your spirit’s death.
*In memoriam: Vanessa Libertad Garcia, age 29.

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