Saturday, November 29, 2014

14 poets read from SGVPQ 64


Lament for a Skin (Ode to a Silkie)

Salt flurry of wind rush
the boy running to his mother
this one moment agape forever.
Eyes like the crest of a wave
sea foam locks
heart stricken for the blue
          she sees what he holds.
Slick black skin, pelt shining
damp of seal—
she grabs it and the music plays.
          Doesn’t even ask
where he found it
but kisses him tightly, yelling
for the others, sun-beaten arms
closing around them like a lid.
Quick, hard love and she
turns to release the door,
as blown about as
          the western wind.
Honey legs tumbling down
to shore, pillow of dress
sloughing down to the sand,
          she catches
sight of a man, shadowy
in the distant green,
as his fishing pole drops
toward a gallop.
But she is already at the sea
glistening joy of ocean mist
and her hands are already gone
and her legs are kicking into fin
and her lips are whiskering away
as the light plays upon the waves
and she calls to her children, goodbye.

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