Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Barbara Cogswell

For Ron Kovics, born on the 4th of July

Firecrackers pop crackle boom all day
facimile bombs flare in the night time sky
flags twinkle in lapels of conservative suits
dogs whimper under the bed
tongues move, lips serve
eyes stream, throats lump
flowers are laid on the hero's grave

My generation fought the big one
saved the world from a torturous
scourge, survived to elect another

It must have been hard once you realized
sacrifice was for shame instead of glory
Yours was a war that everybody lost
although nobody likes to admit it

Recruiters use video games now
a ruse to sign up high school juniors
for this endless war on an 'ism

Suicide rates rise, no attention's paid
to the "would be" dead
PTSD is described as cowardice

So roll your chair over here, Ron
we'll have our own little peace rally
looks like it might be just you and me
(we'll ignore the parade)
before you head back to Mexico,
where your gringo pension
stretches through the month.

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