Wednesday, June 17, 2009

R. Romea Luminarias

TO THE BLUE SEASTAR [Linckia laevigata]
For Birgitte Wilms

What is it that breathes fire into the equations
and makes a universe for them to describe?”

- Stephen King

You encompass the sea with five arms
As if you alone embrace the whole universe.
Yet you patiently bear the juvenile Ophiothrix
Like it’s a truly special friend despite its pernicious spines,
In spite of its stern, ancient countenance.

Are you both, immersed in clear, salving current,
Engaging in a dance
Of pentagonal illusions?
Or simply playing peek-a-boo with clown-fishes and corals
Edging slowly into jungles of spoils
So that you’d soon realize there is
No escaping from such tentative tentacles of desires
From all, all buoyant, fractal blossoming
Digital maps of Atlantis, grandiose domes of fallen empires


  1. Penetrating message, brilliant layers of meanings, breathtaking imagery; thought-provoking on how fragile and enduring marine life is, how anchored our existence to nature, how much damage the recent oil spill and such deplorable brutalities have been inflicted to one of our most endearing, intriguing sources of sustenance and hope.

  2. Great forteen-liner, with the tightness of a sonnet, but not sounding old-fashioned; just hoped the piece's rather mixed (but not mixed-up) metaphors were more seamless; well, I'm a fan of Ted Hughes, Elizabeth Bishop, and Pattian Rogers,et cetera; I think my taste is quite demanding. yet I believe there is a lot to discover and learn from this peom. Keep writing, Inspired! Bravo SGVPQ!

  3. We need more poems like this,
    persuasive in both content
    and craftsmanship.

    Got poetry?

  4. Grand, but sincere expression of the human condition and destiny. Memorable turns of phrase.