Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rina Rose

give me one rationale

jacarandas don’t smile walking into the sun
I climb rocks taller than myself
air out dead leaves
bleed away windows of self-doubt
danger surrounds desert’s safety

jacarandas shed amethyst furies
my blood is scarlet with repressed reasons
don’t cry for me
mourning over a grave
the ground doesn’t hide this body

jacarandas cry violet tears
I allow one hand to touch the color-tinged drops
sensory connections of rambling infusions
allow me to be one with trees
in day’s pantomime

jacarandas hold my heart
if I ask them
we see each other through prisms of radiance
it makes no sense to reproach
what the sun and stars can’t communicate
while Orion and his dogs hunt for animals

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