Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lynne Bronstein



I’m not going to work today.

Instead I’m going to write the script

For a revolution movie.


In the opening scene

The Russian Revolution

Will happen again

And this time it will work

Or I’ll keep writing it

Until it does work.



The lovely murder suspect

Will turn out to be

The associate producer

While eight bikini women

Are cinematographers

And thirteen male grips

Play guitar wearing g strings only.


Oh yes the whole thing

Is in black and white.

It’s a black and white dream.

And the opening credits

Come during the last half hour

Inserted in the upper right hand

Corner of the screen

As a series of Burma shave signs

On a highway during the ice cream truck and moped chase sequence

Which ends with the whole cast

Having tickets written for them

By a cop wearing no pants.

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