Saturday, March 29, 2014


A Hint of Disapproval

She started walking quicker, but it was too difficult to swallow;
That man, what does he want?  She ran so there’s no way that he could follow.
He’s keeping up her pace, a hint of disapproval on her face.            
At least that’s what he thought the look was, until she pulled out the mace.          

She yelled, “Now step away, you wretched man; you will not mess with me!
I’m trained in Lua self-defense! You watch; I’ll drive you to your knees!”
She sprayed him in the face, did several moves and had him by throat;
She shook her head and said, “Can’t trust a man in an Armani coat?”        

Before she left she gave the swiftest kick to where the sun don’t shine;
She said, “There, that should teach you, filthy man, to stop committing crime!”
She then exhaled at ease, appeased and pleased by how she seized the sleaze;       
When he could speak, held out his hand and said, “Miss, you forgot your keys.”

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