Saturday, August 29, 2015


Ready for some serious drinking,
I board the metro bus 180
from an early happy hour restaurant/bar
to my fave late happy-hour, hipster-free dive.
Fare paid, I turn to find a seat
where I see an older woman about my age
sitting in front reaching into a bag at her feet.
Bending down she is showing a lovely d├ęcolletage.
Captivated, I am mesmerized.
She looks up and I am caught staring. 
After an uncomfortable trip avoiding her gaze,
I inebriatedly try to apologize.
I get up for my stop and say 
that seeing her on this bus
has proven to me
that the wonders of the world
may be getting older
but they, certainly, have not fallen to ruins.
I disembark and turn back to wave goodbye.
She looks at me and gives me the finger.
(Upon Reflection
I guess that's no wonder after all.

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