Saturday, August 29, 2015

The List

of patients numbered by priority
Nurses, doctors, added.
Check with each
as they are the authority.
Running at high speed is a necessity
but, since Carol called in sick
and the computers are down,
I'm getting explosively testy.

A thirty seven year old mother
of two young children
lies struggling for breath,
pale, so little muscle left
she has bones covered in Saran Wrap skin
The morphine drip can't keep up with her pain.
Yet, she smiles at me
her words at snail pace are
"today is a good day,
I saw my children
my husband held my hand
a long time while he
reminded me of treasured moments.
I was able to swallow
and keep down soup.
Now, you my friend are here.
I am so blessed"

It was impossible
to keep the tears
from running down my cheeks
as I held her hand.
I moved her arms and legs
gently, with profound care
as if carrying a child.
Before I leave,
I give her a hug and kiss her cheek
and reminder her,
she is dearly loved.
I know, she may not be here tomorrow.

I walk out of her room
down the hall,
down the stairs
out of the hospital.

Walk for blocks
around the neighborhood
looking at houses, trees, flowers, cars, people
Being so happy and grateful
to be alive, SO ALIVE,
Aware of my very cells singing with joy.

No it wasn't on my list,
but the most import priorities
often aren't

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