Saturday, December 11, 2010


No, the flood over a quarter of Pakistan following
128º scorcher wasn’t because nation harbors
a bunch of them Islam-fascist terrorists

Global warming’s here!
Shit’s beginning to hit the fans
but, folks, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

I don’t give a shit what Okie Senator Dumbhoff, Rush Lamebrain,
Glen Beck-to-Barbarianism or any cracked teapot scientists
funded generously by fossil fuel corporations say!

I’m sure as hell gonna take words of smartasses like Al
Gore, Jim Hansen, Bill McKibben and thousands of climate
scientists who have had a mountain range of data peer reviewed

in scientific journals over them Mother Earth fuckers
who wanna keep things as they are so U.S.’s top
2% can continue to rake in obscene profits!

But hey, them’s slick sons of bitches!
If I didn’t have such a high I.Q. I mightta
been fooled by their bullshit too. Harty-har-har!

Man-up. Tea Party boys and girls! Time to leave
feudal world of four angels guardin’ each
corner and face our planet as it is.

If we reach the tipping point,
we’re all gonna be in deep shit and
America ain’t gonna be worth takin’ back

unless you don’t mind livin’ in world with more
deserts but no rain forests while Wall Street
and Disney World are buried in ocean

But hey, liberals sayin’ they believe
in global warming but act like it don’t
exist are as full of shit as right wing nuts!

Mama Nature is pissed off and she ain’t a gonna
take no crap about cap and trade or carbon
off sets to keep this planet from meltin’

If world leaders think they can bullshit
Big Mama like they always bullshit everybody
else, they ain’t a bullshittin’ nobody but themselves!

Of course, you gotta defecate and for most of human
history, our atmosphere held only 275ppm
or parts per million of carbon dioxide.

But then along came the Industrial
Revolution and before you knew it, them
turds had increased 70% from 1970 to 2004

They continued to grow 2ppm each year till holy shit,
by 2010 we had reached a level of 392ppm,
the highest in 650,000 years!

Now scientists tell us
we gotta get that shit down
to 350ppm or we’re all fucked!

I know. It takes a lotta shit to make the good
shit we all enjoy and for military to
defend American way of life.

Like Woody Guthrie said
to a couple of rich snobs, “The
more you eat, the more you shit!”

Sure, breakin’ our oil and coal addiction ain’t gonna be
easy but unless we don’t start leavin’ that shit in
the ground instead of’ shootin’ it to stars

all hell’s gonna break loose! Our children
and grandchildren a gonna be shit out of luck
and oh my friends and oh my foes, that’s no shit!


Don Kingfisher Campbell
(no photo available, because I was taking the photos)

ergonomically correct
blue cushioned
waiting room chair
with black arms and legs

when I sit on it
I immediately feel
my back is upright
90 degrees of correct posture

rest my arms on the arms
I could be in interrogation
or even worse
the electric chair

put my arms down
to each side
I get the urge
to turn wheelchair wheels

wrap my arms
around the back
and I'm a hostage
in a home invasion

I rise up
leave the feelings
behind on the chair
like an old friend

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