Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lori Wall-Holloway

The sun barely peeks out from a grey sky
in the late afternoon to shine on a
grassy hill where pink and red rose petals
grace a bronze plaque marked with two big, yellow
sunflowers. Colorful carnations that
are inside a metal cup of water
beneath the ground are offered as morsels
for the deer who jump a fence to visit
the gravesite late at night. Little do they
know, they bring honor to the one who once
fed them in his backyard in the city.

On this day, a little person runs to
his father across the grave of his name-
sake, oblivious to the greatness who
lies beneath. The child will have to rely
on family stories of those who knew
his great-grandfather to understand the
importance of the timing of his own
birth to those who love him. Through relatives,
he will discover how special his life
is, which will bring hope from his Creator
to those who are beyond his toddler years.

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