Saturday, June 9, 2012


How To Get To Erewhon

I can’t recall the mana elder who told Steve Dalenchinsky 
where he could find eternity but I do know it was 
a Honky Tonk Angel who showed Bukowski 
how to get to Sesame Street 
I’m not sure why you must Take The A Train
Anyway when you see sign saying ROAD NARROWS
You’ve reached Broadway
Give your regards to it 
Have them remember you at old Times Square
Then follow dancing feet 
to 42nd Street
At High Noon 
turn left at sign which says NO LEFT TURN
Sit on LOADING curb of burlesque theater 
closed by labor dispute
Share communal joint with striking strippers 
Ignore DETOUR warning
Walk straight ahead on winding path
When you come to narrow highway paved with yellow bricks 
till you get to Kansas
Travel ON THE ROAD with Jack Kerouac 
to Somewhere Over A Rainbow
Rescue Big Bird from blonde witch-doctor
wanting to pray away the gay
Hitchhike sleigh ride to North Pole
On breakaway Greenland glacier
meet with John the Revelator 
Ask him before discussing world’s end
would he first 
show you the corners of Earth upon which
he saw four angels standing
Tell Scotty you’ve seen enough
Ask him to beam you up

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