Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lori Wall-Holloway

Zoe’s Dance

When Papa plays his music
on a long black stick
he calls his clarinet,
I want to move.
I grab a soft red and green
scarf with flowers
on it and begin to spin.
When Papa’s music goes fast,
I run.
When Papa’s music gets loud,
I leap.
When Papa’s music is happy,
I skip around the room.
I like it when the scarf
flies behind my back.
It makes me think I am with angels
who fly to the tops of the trees
and dance on mountaintops.
When Papa’s music goes slow, 
I twirl.
When Papa’s music gets soft,
I dip the scarf.
When Papa’s music is beautiful,
I hold the scarf high to the sky.
I like it when the scarf
falls around my arm.
It makes me think I am a ballerina
who performs a pretty show for a king.
My steps go along with the song,
and I don’t want Papa to stop.
I feel God looking down
on me and likes what I’m doing.
So I will twirl and dance
beautifully for Him.

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