Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tequila Night

High school
Early 90's
When being a cholo was cool
They got all the girls
Nobody fucked with them
Running school
And neighborhood streets

Ninth graders
Something to prove
Gotta make a name for ourselves
Find the perfect place to throw a party
Invite nothing but juniors and seniors

The space didn't cost a dime
An unused store
Behind 2 bars
Marina Pacifica
Long Beach
Long way from home
For non driving 14 year olds
Money making venture
$5 a head
Friday night party
8pm-2am on the flyer
If you're from the hood: FREE
DJ gets the party started
Proper Dos
"Mexican Power"
Bass rattling the windows
Sound of 40oz bottle cap seals breaking
Girls start showing up
So do the cops
Twenty minutes in
As quickly as it started

What the hell do we do now?
Close up shop
Head back up the 405 north
Someone's parents are gone
After party
If you can call it that
Back to the hood
Dead end street
What was a dead night just got live
Bottles all over
Grab the tequila
Jose Cuervo Gold
Slam it on the table
14 year olds trading shots
Minutes later
Empty bottle
Burning bellies
And fuzzy vision
Courage galore
Older chicks
Let the rapping begin
Pants come down
Revealing what we'd like to give
What we have to offer
Giggling chicks
If only we were older
We're told
Pull up our pants
Jump in the truck
Head home
With nothing
Memories to last a lifetime
Two day hangover
And a promise to self:
Never drink tequila again

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