Saturday, August 30, 2014

Last Right

Bury me in turquoise chiffon
Make my coffin a boat
Send me to eternity like a fluttering wave
Speckled with foam
Or consign me to flame
in searing vermillion satin
A firebird dancing in a whirlwind
Embers charged from my fingertips
Disintegrate me in cerulean and lavender lace
Filmy shreds of evening clinging
So I can glow like a slip of twilight
Before merging with the dark
But do not send me to my rest
Swathed in that white shroud
That prompted fatal toasts
The veil that stole my face
That pale prisoner's garb
Tripped my steps
And marked the locked door
Where existence became stasis
I spent too long
Living in that grave

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