Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gardener’s Burial

Earth to earth
ashes to ashes.

When I leave this garden
may my blood and bone feed the earth.
Grow exotic fungi,
or sharp bitty watercress for crisp salads.
Or sweet drip-juice-all-over-your t-shirt apricots
or purple ruffle basil for clams with pesto sauce and linguini.
Or peanuts for some child’s peanut-butter and jelly sandwich
or lavender for Drakkar Noir
to touch some rugged man’s face
and haunt a woman’s dreams
Or plain grass for some cat or dog to eat.
or pansies, daffodils  and roses
to inspire a Van Gogh or Okeef.
Or a pesky weed that grows
regardless of how often it is pulled
and how dry it seems to get
and doesn’t let concrete or cursing stop it.

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