Sunday, March 8, 2009

Michelle Angelini

I have seen
curving roads
and curiously followed where they led
a starless night sky as she conversed
with the full moon
and in the sun's light i have
dreamed that each billowing
cloud through which jets passed
turned into a sailing
ship that took me
far away

i have held
rainbow-hued leaves
after they fell from the branches
which rejected them
a spatter of unsalted raindrops on my
cheeks as if they came from my eyes
and velvet burgundy rose petals in my hands
comparing their softness
against a thorn's piercing harshness

i have nurtured
words from singleness blooming
them into poetic expressions
experienced the stretched pain
of sadness that grew
into a numb vacuum
where my shredded heart
allowed me to love again
and i have always considered
the full moon an equal partner
in conversations about what
she understands
and i have yet to learn

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