Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ron Gregus

I'm a sittin' here not drinkin'
Un-heartbroken I'm a thinkin'
How a foolish man loves swimmin'
In the guilt that's spilt by women
Even though he gets insulted
By the women he's exulted
This type of man will swear it's wrong
To sing the un-heartbroken song

When a woman's heart is broken
Lots of sympathy is spoken
And the man who bursts her bubble
Soon finds out that he's in trouble
But a man who's been rejected
Finds no sympathy projected
And he who has a heart that's broke
Is celebrated as a joke

All my heartbreaks last a minute
I don't have to bare and grin it
Like the fool who pines forever
Losin' all of his endeavor
Takin' drink, weed, pills, or powder
Just to advertise it louder
How he's been jilted in a sham
By women who don't give a damn

1 comment:

  1. This guy should given a medal as one who understands women. Posthumously, of course.