Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mina Kirby

On the deck
outside my bedroom
my seventeen-year-old tabby sleeps
curled up
beneath a chair

A frisky backyard squirrel
climbs onto the deck
looking for adventure
furry tail wrapped
around the railing
front paws
below on the post
ready to jump onto the floor
he spots the cat

Backing up
onto the rail top
he darts quickly
until he has kitty
in full view
His sleek body turns to face her
muscles tense
beady eyes focused
on the gray bunch of fur
under the chair

Wide squirrel tail
fur now puffed up
starts to undulate
up and down
up and down

The cat
sensing something afoot
opens her eyes
lifts her head
and watches the squirrel

being an old cat
realizing she has seen it all before
curls up a little tighter
and goes back to sleep

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