Thursday, September 3, 2009

7 poets new to SGVPQ (#43 that is)

Matthew Duling


Silent luminescence heaped
about us, a done avalanche.
Grail to a serpentine path!
Lip of an omnipresent surface.
Memory & expectation fuse.
Breath let by, to push out.
Shims of energy. Fuzzy lit.

Exalts, to assume a stance.
Coils up, a radioactive wire.
Shines where always has been.
A geometric line. Hot. Cool.
A neon tube, snake of light;
aware, twitches all lit up.

Stiff bright time anti-time.
As blood pumps, motionless.
Draw on the soft of breeze.
Staff of heat. Elemental--.
Arrow let go springs to fly.

Resentments, hate warmed-up.
Who'd hurl bombs as if treasure
chests? encode hollow giggles
to entrap traitors? Mercy!

Mute puzzles... nod & wink.
Beauty like rain falling, sun
light falling. Confetti bits.

Thunder bolt. Prophet's smile.
Grail: to the lip, unspilt. Ah!

Nth dimension, sheen ablaze.

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