Thursday, September 3, 2009

Karen Greenbaum-Maya


Touch at the sagging gate and it swings open.
Clenched fists don’t garden: let fingers open.

Never expected beginners’, or any other luck.
Drew cards so good, I let a pair of kings open.

Homeless man under grimy white plastic endures cold wind.
And you wear a chic new jacket? Let your purse-strings open.

The cat has caught a fledgling, limp with fright.
I praise her, she meows, and its wings open.

Voice lesson: don’t work so hard, get out of the way.
Throat, breath easy. Fearless, your voice rings open.

The lid resists your hand. Set your strength just so.
Then feel the jar, smooth as wax, unscrewing open.

Not always a boon to care and ask too much.
Rejoice without wanting: heart sings, “Open.”

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