Thursday, September 3, 2009

Debby Rosenfeld


Flowers bud, bloom, flourish, drop off, grow anew.
Babies bud, and with care and guidance bloom
into purpose-filled adults, embracing life
with meaning and a flourish of their own.

Yet the path of a baby is much more precarious
than that of a flower. All a flower needs
are the right ingredients—sun, soil, water, and bees.
Humans have choice.

We can have health, food, love, homes, knowledge,
yet destroy our endless possibilities.
Still, our ability to choose can also lead us
to flourish in ways flowers can’t.

We have personality.
Humans put individuality in every action,
leaving impressions on each other
like invisible ink.

At our best, we are leaders, inventors,
healers, teachers, spreading light
to others. At our worst, we are
self-involved, immoral and chaotic.

The path of a human is fraught with uncertainty.
But while even the most perfect flower,
splendid as it is, can only ever be one flower,
each human can blossom into
an entire bouquet.

That potential that makes me grateful
to be alive, seeking to bloom
into a brilliance that can be seen for miles,
and felt internally in the core of my heart.

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