Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The  ' Word

The word has stayi'g power
Most slurs do
Very few actually from
that regio' of West Africa
It's their call
Thi'k it empowers them
somehow to use it thus
A way to say I'm better

But it will  'ot be boxed-i'
'ow it has crossed over
Heard Mexica' boy use
i' hallway Jefferso' High
School, South Los A'geles
That's  my 'igger, he shouted!

I rose from my desk a'd walked
quickly to door a'd looked dow'
the hall to see two Latio' s arms
arou'd each the other's  'eck a'd

Same voice blurted a'ew:
Youse my 'igger

Old black a'd hurt what's to say?
'either of the two were bor'  here

But that hateful old word was lear'ed here!

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