Wednesday, December 16, 2015


“…race is a social construct, with very little or no biological
basis. Race exists only because of racist ideologies.”
--E.E. Telles (2004). Race in Another America….

took only 2 weeks after the last rhodesian to set
demons loose: fire-stoking monsters crawling in
midnight dirt to burn what they cannot squelch

seven black churches dissolved to earth,
brick skeletons stuffed with ash and beams,
crufixes scorched like wildfire limbs, hymnals
charcoal skins curling under pews

the charleston 9, swathed in our nation’s tears,
suffused with grace, inspiring grace,
were barely in the ground

ideology is cloth bigots fold themselves into, melting
in threads, banners and bars, souls draped on rags,
brains deadened with myth and pseudo-gods to justify
how others are inferior

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