Sunday, December 13, 2009

Karen Audioun Klingman


I'm lost among inviting corridors
Claudia said to meet her at Piazza San Marcos
at five for dinner
but I lose track of time and can't find a clock
so I pamper my tastebuds with an exotic flavored gelato

wandering along the waterway
I'm taken in by tourists snapping shots of loved ones
before intricate nude statues
lovers entwined at fountains
unaware youngsters hopscotching on terrazo tiles

overhead four chimes resonate from a church belltower
plenty of time to observe an old world new to me
gondoliers transport couples
sipping from wine glasses half full
they disapper under crescent stone bridges
and reappear toasting the orange-purple sun
settling down in display

the air is chilly as I stroll into a world of swirling pigeons
I blink then find my sister's familiar smile
under the Basilica's shaded arches
I'll spend tomorrow afternoon in solitude
exploring the narrow alleyways and outdoor cafes
of this ancient city before I leave

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