Sunday, December 13, 2009

Phil Turner


I have always been someone I have never known.
A mystery looks back at me from my past,
Each time I close my eyes.
The night sky with its vaulting ocean of stars
Terrifies me -- I feel like God looking at Creation.
A long time ago in a city forgotten,
In desperate fear I looked up at the night sky
And I swear that it looked back into me.
I did not know the age of the stars,
But they seemed to know mine.
They spoke to me as they sometimes still do
In that heavenly language of absolute silence
And told me that I was already there somewhere among them,
That I was older than the trees and the rocks and the oceans,
That I had come from a land beyond memory
And that if I could stop being afraid at the perfect moment,
Then I would become a God again.

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