Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rina Rose

conversation with the full moon


i see curving roads

on her surfaces

and I mentally follow where they lead

beneath a starless sky


often in the luna’s light i have

dreamt that each billowing cloud

through which birds pass 

becomes a sailing ship

– i’m on it –

traveling far from ordinary delusion


rainbow-hued leaves descend from branches

according to the moon’s seasons

they create splatters of unsalted raindrops

in my eyes they unnoticeably cover my cheeks

and i taste velvet burgundy

rose petals caressing my face


i nurture single words

blooming into poetic expressions

they flow from my flowering intellect

whether in sadness or joy


the full moon is an equal partner

in conversations

she understands for many ages

what i have yet to learn 

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