Saturday, June 8, 2013




Past midnight

on front yard of Arizona home atop mesa

we sit around campfire bullshitting, drinking beer 

and smoking pot like our Neolithic ancestors at dawn 

of Holocene Era no doubt did



glittering lights of Las Vegas 

appear a short trip away

instead of the 80 mile drive 

down a desert highway to get there



clusters of stars burst across night sky

fired from some cosmic cannon

and though I don’t witness a universe 

as massed with galaxies as I would

through the Hubble Space Telescope

the stars I do see like the ones in Abraham’s sky

are more than I could possibly count


Like the time 65 years ago 

on a blanket spread on front lawn 

when Depression kids--firstborn sister, Dolores, 

last born brother, David 

and in between me--sit 

with Grandma, Mom, stepdad Jimmy, 

and discover again

from our Midwest City home on Lilac Lane 



When I was born 

there was only a little over 2 billion people

living in our global village

Today over 7 billion inhabit planet metropolis

and it’s still growing

But when you consider 

there’s over 100 billion stars in our galaxy 

and 100 billion galaxies in our universe,

we don’t really seem shit in the scheme of things,

do we?


But then again 

we are the ones who are aware 

of whatever or whoever’s behind the whole shebang

and even if it or they ain’t aware 

of those aware of them

this should count for something,

shouldn’t it?



from Arizona home on mesa, I can see all 

the Big Dipper stars along with milk spill 

as I did then

on Lilac Lane lawn


There's no one left on blanket

but me 

and soon I got to leave my space

No matter 

It’s been a hell of a ride!

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