Saturday, June 8, 2013

Richard Dutton



On this plant we have sheepy bugs

Who eat green

Also bully jumping jacks

Who need lots of bugs to eat


Bullies pretend to be shepherds

So sheep elect to follow

If dictators eat all their morsels

Then they themselves will die off


If there were no controlling wars

Then larger population could

Eat the whole plant --- then starve

Sir, you're eating my leaf


Luckily the plant is large enough to

Inhibit centralized decision making

And allow individual thinking

But no bug is an island


They claim all bugs are equal

But they are not all the same size

And could act peaceful

Or as jumping jackals


Drawing-board robot bugs

May evolve faster

And eat jobs

Will there be space for me?


Are blogs my bible?

Or am I bugged facing

Some other web spiders

In the battle ground?

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