Saturday, June 8, 2013

Maja Trochimczyk

VISION, UNVEILED                                                                          


~ after “Bride on the Rock” from

Chinese Impressions by Susan Dobay

“Why are you leaving us?”

Chinese characters dissipate in the air


Clouds descend

Down the waterfall of jade


Clouds float down

The slopes of aquamarine


“Where are you going?

Why are you doing this?”


Centuries of crystal

Petrified traditions stand silent


Watching over

The white tulle of a Cinderella dress


The dark-haired bride

Is anxious without her talisman


Lost without the red hue

Of prosperity, crimson joy she hides


The sign of double happiness

Marked in blood-red ink


Under the pristine silk

Of her bridal gown


They cannot see – she listens

To the whisper of the crevices


Her veil flutters

On the breeze

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