Thursday, December 26, 2013

15 poets being published in the 2014 SGVPC

They are: Petrouchka Alexieva, Jimmy Alvarado, Chelle Angelini, Carl Stilwell, Don Kingfisher Campbell, Kimberly Cobian, Beverly M. Collins, Thom Garzone, Charles Harmon, Jeffry Michael Jensen, Toti O'Brien, Graham Smith, Wanda Vanhoy Smith, Tim Tipton, and Lori Wall-Holloway.

PLUS the calendar is lavishly illustrated with 17 abstract art photographs by James Owen Shepard.

Get your copy for $5 by visiting the Santa Catalina Branch Library on Saturday at 3pm or go to, select Send Money, and direct payment of $7 (includes $2 shipping expense) to

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