Monday, December 30, 2013

Mina V. Kirby
Running With Horses
lean my arms upon the wooden railing
watching two frisky colts
as they run and cavort
across the field
in the afternoon sunshine
Their shiny heads toss
in the delight of being free
Manes and tails
fly joyfully behind them
in the breeze
I am entranced
and in my mind
I put my foot on the low rail of the fence
pull myself over and drop down
to the other side
I begin to run
feel the wind tossing through my long hair
golden sun lighting my face
My heart pumps excitement and warmth
throughout my body
The colts don’t mind
my intrusion
being as it is in my mind
Their equine exuberance
infuses my spirit
spent and out of breath
I return to the fence
a lightness in my step
as I climb back to my watching place
The little horses are not yet tired
their lustrous bodies
still jumping and laughing
as I turn to grasp the handles of my walker
and head for home

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