Monday, December 30, 2013

Maria Arana
with $100 dollars, he ordered bright cold beer
poured it’s sizzling contents in a glass
smacked his lips before noon
just like his stepfather
the day begins with gold
and ends with bitterness
the child sniffs salty breezes
bends to catch lumps of clay
waves splash against legs
music played against the sky
hid my hunger after I ate
stayed and envisioned you below the sand
tending to my wounds
Autumn blows marshmallow hair
inside someone’s life
girl regrets the day she was born
hair burns of gray
and the world’s tapestry bears her soul
gloves cover frozen hands
swearing death in winterland
when frost sings the backdrop of conceit
life abounded on trees
wind the enemy of eagles nests
food scarce in dead landscape

Note: the phrase “abounded on trees” was taken from Leavetaking by Samuel Menasche

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