Saturday, March 29, 2014

16 poets read from SGVPQ 61


Me and the Rain 

The town is sleepy, the town’s quiet
Even the rain is silent,
I’m walking unshod and completely alone,
With raincoat and friendly umbrella.

I’m feeling like hummingbird feather.

I’m late at this hour. The light poles are dreamy.
They’re blinking to me from above.
“Go to sleep” they say, “We will light your way”
“I will…,” I reflect, “…but first, let me play.

Don’t you see? - The rain is my friend! ”

As a child I used to collect tiny drops
And to talk to them in my hands.
I looked at the mirror, exactly the one
That the rain created for me in the mud.

I was little and happy every time He was back.

Now, you know, I’m a busy adult...
In my fancy luxurious house
I have several mirrors inside,
With flowers and leaves very skillfully carved

Huge and heavy with a little bit dust.

I check very often my proper appeal,
My hair, my shoes, and make-up.
Every morning I look for an elegant deal.
But… there’re no drops to which I can talk.

Oh, look! The rain came back!

With my friendly umbrella and happy raincoat
I can play with my wonderful friend,
Collect tiny drops, have my soaking walk

And look at myself in His magical mirror AGAIN.

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