Saturday, March 29, 2014


Zeus and Athena

I can only imagine Athena as a poem
one so bright and strong that she
can only be perceived as such.
The way she opened that cavern of
Zeus’ violent mind and forced
herself out into the world,
jealous as it may have been when
she appeared.  Words of a spear like
sharpness, and Zeus whose relief
was obvious at her outing.  Daughter
of his mind, nothing short of pride
seen in his eyes, and the jealousy
seen in others, aroused by her
presence, her wisdom an unlikely
gift for gods to possess.
The birth: a grand ingestion of love
from a human woman and a protective
inhaling, and finally an exertion
of such an invading inspiration, the
alchemy of a different kind of birth.
A clutching of sanity during the
push, a tranquil Zeus results as she
exits the aperture of his forehead.
A violence in the name of words, and a
sounding of peace for an end of births.

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