Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I search for the wind in the deep black sidewalk of sound straddling
motion with the mouse of a ounce down the water line feeling bright in
a twist of a diagram through the underground kissed softly in the
rubble of mix and tricks feast to feast shattering on English noise
cracking freedom riding rip to round rocket to space of the backbone
wandering in the rise of exhaustion instructing drummers to fall rapid
weave up the floor in the grit of thighs flattened by groove smoking
throat to bridge to rasp of tongue to breathe over pile of hearts
steaming propel to place carry unguarded piece of sunny side cell
division schooling on tour sharp to tenderloin beautiful everything
spilled I am the smuggler standing on the pylon cracking the sugar
middle in half loud as a regal organ in theory waxing stained glass
salvation to early consent streamed instrument outcast machine costume
antique delay apprehension song sailing Scandinavian nest dominant
whirl to orbit

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