Wednesday, August 5, 2015

DAN DIAMOND Adventures in The Skin Trade 3rd draft
            (cento after Charles Plymell)

Sleeping under street lights 
Occasionally car seats 
That's what nurtured this skin
I uncomfortably sit in 

Skin loosely flooping air 
hisses through meaningful holes 
Called by some cheloidal scars
Meanwhile. ..

Quotidian sticks up its head as it tends to do
Saying hi, how are you the weathers nice and o my you're thinner

Perversely I have it in me to reply
I am the cook
I am the walrus
But I decide not to reply
 and know that I am 
the farmer of the rainbows

Feeling under the skin of  the cook or the walrus
Searching about in secret chambers made by unknowing bees wait, can it be ?
In the volcano
 beyond the waters of Vanuatu

The worker ants no longer see 
-the grand design, from being underground too long 
Their nearsightedness only improves alchemy
Soon they will be able 
to channel a human heart

I cultivate another skin
One that looks more like me 

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