Wednesday, August 5, 2015

MINA V. KIRBY *Mothers Day Flower*

She brought it to me
straight from its garden
Large circles of deep red petals
seeded golden center
long thick pale green stalk
ready to soak up life-giving liquid
In a tall transparent vase
across from my chair
it speaks to me of love
from my cherished child
gives pleasure to my day
and intrigues the curious cats
For a whole week
its stately self stands erect
Its grandeur permeates the room
providing a lovely interlude
in an otherwise ordinary place
until finally its time is spent
Despite fresh nurturing water
it withers
I watch
as frail petals
droop from its stem
and it dies
But its essence is immortal
living in my heart
reflections of it
instantly available
intertwined with soft feelings
for my grown-up child 

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